The Wrecker’s Ball of Swinging Interest Rates, by Antal Fekete (2002)

Businessmen must understand what is happening to their capital. Issues that the national debate on the accounting scandals dare not touch.

Gentle readers, below is a scanned copy — the only copy on the internet — of Prof. Antal E. Fekete’s article: The Wrecker’s Ball of Swinging Interest Rates (2002).

This article is necessary to fully comprehend Fekete’s prophetic 1986 warning of the deflationary bond/derivatives bull market that for decades has been, and still is, destroying the capital base of the world economy.

Deflation: Retrospect and Prospect, by Antal E. Fekete (1986)

Read both if you want to understand the dynamics of deflationary depressions as devastating balance sheet network effects, excited by the deliberate and unconstitutional (read: illegal) inhibition of physical gold circulation.

Augmenting the two Fekete articles are:

Portrait of Deflation, by Max Photon (2013)

Generating Shock Waves in Balance Sheets, by Max Photon (2013)

Gold Backwardation vs Hyperinflation vs Hyperdeflation: What are the differences?, by Max Photon (2013)