Sand Drawing #37 — Coriolis


The wind this day was so strong that it was difficult to stand. Even though heavy intermittent rain kept the sand wet, packed, and dark, the wind was still able to dislodge the upper grains and carry them in glorious shimmering white streamers.

Despite the tough conditions — well actually, because of the tough conditions — I want to try a design experiment. I knew that the light-colored blowing sand would collect on the leeward side of any raised features. I thought the conditions were ideal to exploit this fact. So I quickly drew a free-hand spiral. Sure enough the white sand settled in the downwind interstices and provided a lovely contrast against the dark sand and even darker shadows of the relief.

Also, the static curves of the spiral were gorgeous underneath the dynamic linear streamers of sand.

The overall effect was absolutely mesmerizing.

Taking the photo was very challenging as I was getting knocked all over the place, and sand and rain were getting on my lens because to get the best lighting I had to shoot into the wind. But I raised the ISO to get the fastest shutter speed possible, and voila! I feel my heavy-weather experiment was a great success.

I think I wore half of the beach home with me.