Sand Drawing #29 — Ebb and Flow



This is the third time I have done this design. I had a different pattern in mind on my way to the beach, but I had very little time to work because I had to meet someone later, plus the weather radar showed heavy rain coming, and, if that were not enough, the tide was rising quickly. So I switched to this pattern at the last second just so that I could get some exercise — and believe me, that’s a workout! — and then get out of there. I stopped by again after my meeting and took the second photo of the piece disappearing.

I don’t know what possessed me to thicken the outer border. It was perfect as a thinner line, then I went ahead and wrecked it. It’s funny — I’m sure no one even noticed; the world did not fall off of its axis because of my blunder; and the sea quickly erased the mistake anyway. But it annoyed me nonetheless. It still does.

We are our own toughest critics.