Puako Petroglyphs – Pictures of plasma formations in the sky?

The Puako Petroglyph field on the Big Island of Hawaii is covered with rock carvings by ancient Hawaiians.

The meanings of these enigmatic symbols, as with most of the Hawaiian petroglyphs, have eluded archeologists.

Perhaps the Hawaiians were carving into the rock their most realistic attempts at documenting awe-inspiring plasma formations — extremely powerful aurorae with high geometric symmetry — that filled their sky.

I have a thread at the Thunderbolts Forum, a site exploring counter-theories to the standard models of modern astronomy and cosmology, that is dedicated to the Puako Petroglyphs, which I had the thrill of seeing as a child living on the Big Island.

Puako Petroglyphs — EU’s a Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii, by Max Photon