Sand Drawing #33b — Celtic Knot


Okay, that was a challenge. But now I understand the process and can do much more complicated variations. Amazingly — to me, anyway — I managed to do this entirely free-hand. (Approximately 60′ x 20′, or 18 x 6 meters.)

Sand Drawing #33a — Solar Wind


It was a blindingly brilliant but chilly day, with a very strong wind from the left. You can see people leaning into the gale, and the long dancing streamers of sand that quickly obscured my art piece.

I love everything about this photo. I can still feel what it was like to be on the beach on this dazzling day. And I love the design, which was done 100% free-hand.

Sand Drawing #32 — Radiance


I finished this sand drawing minutes before the rising tide erased it.

Sand art is a metaphor of life. We are here. Then we are not. Yet the waves keep rolling in, forever.

This pattern was done purely free-hand. Clearly I am getting better with my tools and with the medium. My growing expertise is allowing a genuine sense of freedom to radiate into the world.

This design is one of my favorites. I think it is beautiful.

Sand Drawing #29 — Ebb and Flow



This is the third time I have done this design. I had a different pattern in mind on my way to the beach, but I had very little time to work because I had to meet someone later, plus the weather radar showed heavy rain coming, and, if that were not enough, the tide was rising quickly. So I switched to this pattern at the last second just so that I could get some exercise — and believe me, that’s a workout! — and then get out of there. I stopped by again after my meeting and took the second photo of the piece disappearing.

I don’t know what possessed me to thicken the outer border. It was perfect as a thinner line, then I went ahead and wrecked it. It’s funny — I’m sure no one even noticed; the world did not fall off of its axis because of my blunder; and the sea quickly erased the mistake anyway. But it annoyed me nonetheless. It still does.

We are our own toughest critics.

Sand Drawing #24 — Soaked Circles


I was attempting to draw during very stormy weather, when a large cell passed overhead, dumping rain and wind-driven hail (ouch). Water accumulated faster than it could percolate through the sand, producing this lovely and highly unusual effect. I am thrilled I was able to capture it.

All circles were drawn completely free-hand, which is quite a feat. My skills are definitely improving!

To give a sense of the vast scale of this work, the lowest full circle you see was about 40 feet (12 meters) in diameter.