Best Balance Board Trainers for Surfers – Updated and Corrected

Best balance board trainers for surfing? Si Boards balance boards!

Si Boards balance boards are the best balance boards for serious, big-wave surf balance training.

I’m a real surfer and scientist. If you are looking for the best balance board trainer for surfers, let me spare you from being mislead, as I nearly was.

The “scientists” at have corrupted the internet with an incomplete, and hence inaccurate article titled “Best Balance Trainers for Surfers.”

If you take that article at face value, you are going to spend your hard-earned money on an inferior product, because the “scientists” failed to include Si Boards balance boards, created by certified athletic trainer Elysai Tsai. excluded the very best surf balance board trainer from its test!

And it is not out of ignorance; I personally contacted them and pointed out their gross error. They have had plenty of time to update and correct that article. But they haven’t. So I am going to do something positive about that, and correct the error myself. Don’t let their negligence be your loss. I almost made the wrong purchase decision based on that article. I’m trying to help you — my fellow surfers — avoid the same mistake.

HERE* is the best balance board for big-wave surf balance training:

(Check for blemished balls and you may be able to get them at a significant discount.)

This simple combination enables you to:

  • Ride the Commando board, Si Boards’ largest board, on either a single large ball for strength, or on a single medium ball for agility. Riding on a single ball is infinitely superior to, and more challenging than, riding on any of the cylinder- or roller-based balance boards.  Add resistance bands, or hold and workout with a Si ball or two while you ride, and you have a new balance-board workout platform!
  • Ride the Commando board on two medium balls. Riding on two balls is a completely different experience, perfect for zillions of exercises; for practicing cross-stepping; for practicing popping up from prone to your feet; for the ultimate stand-up paddle (SUP) workout by standing with your feet parallel to the rails; … I could go on.

[* Update: Elysia at Si Boards has put together the perfect package deal that includes all of the above, plus a 5 inch ball, plus resistance bands. This package allows you to ride in ten different configurations. Big wave surfers, this is for you! See: Si Board Powerhouse package deal.]

Check out this world-champion surfer as he discusses and demonstrates how awesome Si Boards are for surf balance board training. A video is worth a million words. And keep in mind that Rajzman approached Si Boards to make the video!

Ignore the modest production values of the video. Rajzman’s testimonial is so powerful because, like mine, it’s from the heart — he means every word he says. And why not? Si Boards are ingenious, absolutely top-quality, industrial-strength, sexy creations that he and I will enjoy and benefit from for the rest of our lives. Of course we’re stoked!

Plus, Si Boards come with an endless stream of balance training expertise from Elysia Tsai, the Beauty of Balance. Elysia is awesome! She trains world-class athletes with Si Boards, and she can train you. Trust me: you want Elysia Tsai in your life. Balance is everything.!

Take it from a real surfer and scientist. Si Boards are, by far, the best balance board trainers for serious big-wave surfers.

Surfing made me a better person. Si Boards made me a better surfer.

~ Max Photon

Disclosure: I have no financial interest whatsoever in Si Boards. I am merely an incredibly satisfied Si Boarder, and as a result, a much stronger surfer. Thanks Elysia!